As your Councilman and candidate,

I am running for re-election because I love Normal!  As a successful small business owner for nearly 29 years I bring pragmatic, forward-looking, results-oriented focus to Council — a perspective I’ve used to manage funds responsibly while continuing to invest strategically in our future.

Our town is currently facing a triple-threat of pandemic-induced economic instability, divisive politics, and the global pandemic, and Normal citizens deserve experienced, collaborative leaders with a proven track record of success.

 If re-elected, my ongoing focus will be:

  • financial resiliency
  • high quality core services
  • economic development
  • high-quality education systems
  • environmental stewardship
  • social equity

The Town of Normal’s next chapter will be defined by our ability to rise above the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic to ensure a resilient future for all those who choose our community as a home. Kevin brings to the Council, when we need it most, an expert in community vitality with proven service leadership.

Over two decades, Kevin and the organizations he has led and supported have emerged stronger from sudden economic challenges through sound financial management and a disciplined focus on long-term individual and organizational resiliency.

After 9 years on Council, Kevin’s aptitude with the levers of municipal government put him a decade ahead of other candidates. In the face of pandemic-driven deficits and continued State financial instability, Kevin’s experience will be essential for maintaining high-quality services while bringing tax dollars back to the Town for local projects, attracting new investment in the community, and providing relief for families and our most vulnerable neighbors.

Beyond responsible fiscal policy, Kevin supports a multi-pronged, proactive approach to building community vitality and resiliency against the challenges we will face even after the threat of COVID-19 is eliminated. Kevin is focused on the urgent issues of economic growth & recovery, technological innovation, environmental stewardship, and social equity.

If re-elected, Kevin will continue to engage citizens directly and publicly to implement a shared community vision for economic development, behavioral health reform, innovation, and entrepreneurship, invigorated public spaces, multi-modal mobility for all and environmental stewardship.

Councilman Kevin McCarthy partial listing of key results and accomplishments 2012-2021

Maintaining Town Infrastructure

  • Created Facilities Management department. Provides pro-active management of Normal’s facility assets. Changed from a costly reactionary approach to pro-active, efficient, cost-effective care and maintenance of town facilities.
  • Voted to invest over $20 million in street resurfacing projects
  • Voted to invest over $38 million in water & sewer infrastructure projects
  • Voted to invest over $93 million in total infrastructure projects across

Normal  Ensuring Financial Responsibility

  • Voted to save Normal $8.4 million through bond refinancing
  • Voted to fund pensions every year
  • Voted to increase reserves by over $3 million
  • Voted for a balanced budget every year
  • Town maintained AAA credit rating every year – highest rating possible
  • Voted to reduced debt by $14 million
  • Town budget document issued timely and balanced every year
  • Town Financial Statements (CAFR) issued timely with little or no audit findings each year Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Excellence Award for Budget and CAFR all  years

Ensuring High-Quality Public Services

  • Voted for Police equipment and safety funding increases – body cameras, radios upgrades; added detective to criminal investigation division (CID)
  • New fire station – voted to implement fire station coverage study to improve fire response  times to all residents in Normal
  • Voted for comprehensive water system testing resulting in millions of gallons saved each year
  • Supported curbside recycling program, reducing waste sent to near capacity landfill
  • Voted for bulky waste recycling, reducing waste sent to near capacity landfill
  • Voted for numerous equipment replacement projects for Fire, Police, Water, Public Works and Parks, and Recreation departments ensuring uninterrupted town services
  • Voted to invest over $38 million in water & sewer infrastructure projects

Supporting Economic Momentum

  • Voted to support Rivian Automotive, Brandt Agricultural Products, Phoenix Investors, Destihl Brewing, and other projects resulting in many new, well-paying local jobs, and over $750 million of private investments and commitments to our community helping to maintain positive economic momentum
  • Co-Founder, Bloomington-Normal Innovation Alliance – community Smart Cities initiative to empower Bloomington-Normal to embrace technological innovation with smart development & policies rooted in connectivity, mobility, equity, and sustainability
  • Spearheaded Microsoft Digital Alliance – training and software tools for local entrepreneurs
  • Co-Founder, EDC STEM Education partnership – connecting local business and education to create real opportunities for our children into the next decade

Supporting Community Growth & Development

  • Voted to fund mental healthcare across the community
  • Voted to fund Connect transit system
  • Council representative on the 2040 Vision strategic planning effort
  • Community-Wide Sustainability Task Force Group Leader
  • Adopted complete streets policy
  • Supported Constitution Trail expansion projects

Community Involvement

  • Behavioral Health Coordinating Council member
  • McLean County Convention and Visitor Bureau Board member
  • Council representative to the 2040 Vision strategic planning effort
  • Town of Normal – Library Joint Task Force Member
  • Serves as an Advisory Council member at Illinois State University
  • Volunteers as Diving Coach at Illinois Wesleyan University
  • Serves on the Lake Run Club Board, Past President
  • Tri-Shark Triathlon Club kids triathlon program volunteer

Supporting Social Equity

  • Voted to fund the Behavior Health Coordinating Council to address unmet community mental health needs
  • Voted to increase funding to Connect Transit – public transit system
  • Member of Town of Normal Race & Law Enforcement Task Force – Members of diverse citizen groups met with Town Administration, Police, Mayor, and I to discuss ways to effectively address challenges involving race and law enforcement in our community as a systems issue. Provided recommendations to Town Council and Administration for advancing social equity in law enforcement and community culture.

Many of your neighbors are supporting Kevin to continue representing them as Councilman in Normal.

Dr. Stephen & Sarah Pilcher
Mark Peterson
Bob & Julie Hile Broad
Tim & Vicki Tilton
Mary Ann Webb
Sally Pancrazio
Dan and Kathy Steadman
RJ Whitworth
Virginia Eves
Neil and Lynda Finlen
Atticus Francken
Jamie Mathy
Jason Pals
Robert Trippel
Dan Brady
Kevin Callis
Jack Capodice
Dr. & Mrs. John F & Linda Chizmar
Orlyn Edge
Paul & Sandra Harmon
Bob and Barbara Hathway
Rachel Hile-Broad
Tim & Wendy Hines
Mitch Hobbs
Michael Kerber
Bill & Sharon Klingman
Julie Kubsch
Bill Lawrence
Laurel & Larry Schumacher
ALan & Beth Sender
Nicolas & Rebecca Africano
R.C. McBride
Maria Novotny
Josh Barnett
Nicholas Anderson
Merlin Anderson
Jeff and Sue Dessa
Randall Ehlers
Jeff Feid
C.P. Harding
Janet Hood
Elizabeth Johnston
Manasi and Venkateswara Mandava
David and Trudy Strand
Matt & Shannon Duvendack Stuckel
Mr. & Mrs Warren D Welch
Ryan Whitehouse
Carolyn Yockey
William Diggins
Fred & Sandy Groves
Jim & Ruth Knecht
Kay Wilson
Kathy & Tom Arborgast
Laurie Bergner
Cat Woods
Chuck Scott
Sonja Reece
Ed & Gail Matesevac
Cheryl Gaines
Jeff Fritzen
Mary Anne Schierman

Bill Klingman
Scott Richardson
Nick Anderson
Vicki & Tim Tilton
Mary Ann Webb

Local organizations that have expressed their support of Kevin.

The Bloomington-Normal Trades and Labor Assembly has endorsed Kevin McCarthy for Normal Town Council.

The McLean County Chamber of Commerce PAC has endorsed Kevin McCarthy for re-election to the Normal Town Council.

Responsible Cities PAC has endorsed Kevin McCarthy for re-election to the Normal Town Council.

The Illinois REALTORS Political Action Committee  supports Kevin McCarthy for re-election to the Normal Town Council.

The College Democrats at Illinois State University endorse Kevin McCarthy for re-election to the Normal Town Council.

Laborers’ International Union of North America Local 362.