Kevin McCarthy, Town of Normal Council Member, is the owner and founder of Path Performance, Inc.,  a performance coaching and consulting group. In this role, he has helped thousands of people and organizations perform better and create greater vitality and resiliency. In his work with the City Council,  Kevin has been instrumental in supporting the Town’s commitment to economic growth and sustainability.  

Kevin was raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and has lived in Normal for almost 29 years. He attended ISU and achieved a bachelor’s degree in Finance with a minor in accounting and a master’s degree in Exercise Science and Sport & Exercise Psychology. During his career, Kevin has also worked in executive coaching, accounting, financial services, customer service, and operations consulting.  

Over 28 years ago, Kevin launched a coaching and consulting business, Path Performance, and now lives his passion for helping athletes, leaders, and organizations build greater resiliency and vitality. 


Community Volunteer Activities

  • Behavioral Health Coordinating Council member
  • McLean County Convention and Visitor Bureau Board member
  • Co-founded the Bloomington-Normal Innovation Alliance
  • Served on the Town of Normal Race & Law Enforcement Taskforce
  • Council representative to the 2040 Vision strategic planning effort
  • Town of Normal – Library Joint Task Force Member
  • Serves as an Advisory Council member at Illinois State University
  • Volunteers as Diving Coach at Illinois Wesleyan University
  • Co-founded the EDC STEM Education partnership
  • Serves on the Lake Run Club Board, Past President